William Clark

Male 1611 - 1681  (70 years)

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  • Name William Clark 
    Born 06 Feb 1611  Westhorpe, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Christened 11 Feb 1611  Westhorpe, Suffolk, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Will 30 Jun 1681  Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From Probate Records, Volume IV, 1677 To 1687, Page 61-2.

      Clarke, William sen., Haddam. Died 22 July, 1681. Invt. 412-18-00. Taken 19 August, 1681, by George Gates, Wm. X Ventrus, Simon Smith, John Spencer, Selectmen. Will dated 30 June, 1681.

      I William Clarke of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament: I give to my wife 4 a year during her natural life. I also give unto her the use of my Dwelling house & the little Orchard, half the Garden so long as she live a Widow. Moreover I give unto my wife a Cow, which my son Thomas shall winter for her during his Mother's life. Also I give unto her half my Household Stuff, & that in her half she be suited with a Bed & Bedding & such things as are most suitable for her, which she shall dispose of at her death to which she please of her Children. I Will unto my son William 25 out of my Estate, which shall be in my Land as it is prised in the Inventory. I do Will unto my son John 20 worth of my Land. I do give by Will unto my son Joseph, nothwithstanding anything I have formerly given him, 15 worth of Land, and 1 1/2 acre of the Boggs in the lower Division in the upper Meadow besides the 15. I give by Will unto my daughter Welles & to my daughter Fennoe & to my daughter Spencer 8 to each of them, and to my daughter Hannah 10. All these to be paid out of my Estate as prised with the Inventory. I give unto my son-in-law Daniel Hubbard 5 Shillings, & to my gr. Child Daniel Hubbard I do give 40 acres of Land in my second Division at Machamodus, and a 50 Freehold or Right in the Undivided Lands there as it is laid out to 50 Estate. And it is my Will that he be learned to read & to write. And I declare him to the dispose of my wife so long as she liveth, and then to the dispose of my son Thomas; & in Case my son Hubbard make trouble about him he shall satisfy for his bringing up. At the age of 21 years he shall be free. I give to my son Thomas my Lott I bought of Joseph Arnold in the Home Field, and all my whole Meadow Lott, and my Cow Meadow Lott, and the 6 acres on which my Dewlling house standeth, & the Ort Yards and Houses, at his Mother's decease, or Marriage after my death. My Will also is that my sons William, John, & Joseph have their portions in the Land that are not given away particularly and expressly to Thomas in my Will, and that they agree, by casting Lotts, which allotment shall belong to each of them, not exceeding the value above given to them. I do make my son Thomas Clarke sole Executor.

      Witness: Nicholas Noyes, WILLIAM X CLARKE George Gates.

      Court Record, Page 44-3 September, 1681: Will & Inventory exhibited by Thomas Clarke, Executor. Approved.
    Died 22 Jul 1681  Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location 
      By Racola Ford Cooke, CSG# 4638

      For about 15 years I have been searching for documentation to prove the identity of William(1) Clark?s daughters. In 1986, I wrote a manuscript about William and his descendants, but did not have a complete family, as I felt there must be more documents than I had. Nevertheless, I donated a copy of this manuscript to New England Historical Genealogical Library, Boston, and to the Family History Library, Salt Lake City. It is not a published manuscript, but even so, once errors get into print, it is impossible to get them erased. I hope this article will clarify the daughters and their husbands.
      The will of William(1) is File #1262, Hartford, (Conn) Probates, dated 30 June 1681. It clearly names his daughters as Daughter Wells, Daughter ffenner, Daughter Spencer, Daughter Hannah (evidently unmarried) and mentioned his son-in-law Daniel Hubbard. I have a photocopy of the original will. Charles William Manwaring, DIGEST OF EARLY CONNECTICUT PROBATES, Vol. 1, pp.290-1 contains the extract of the will, but Mr. Manwaring mis-read the spelling of Fenner and shows it as Fennoe. An article in THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST (hereafter TAG), Vol 17, p 19 (1941), by Clarence Almon Torrey, states "a re-examination of the original will by Mr. Jacobus revealed the fact that the name of his daughter was misread by Manwaring, the correct reading being "daughter ffenner."
      TAG, vol 27, pp 170-1 contains an article of "The Four Spencer Brothers," by Donald Lines Jacobus. He also had some errors and always attempted to correct them as shown in his final identification of Nathniel(2) (Gerrard(1)) Spencer?s wife as Lydia Bailey, not Lydia Smith, TAG, Vol 28, p 170, Mr. Jacobus stated that Timothy(2) Spencer married Sarah Clark, obviously an error as I will show later. Timothy did have a wife Sarah, surname unknown, as she swore to her husband?s inventory in June 1704, Hartford Probate Dist. No. 5100 and died before the distribution.
      On p 171 of above article, Mr. Jacobus suggested that William(2) Spencer may have had a first wife before his marriage to Margaret Bates. The marriage to Margaret Bates, I believe, cannot have taken place when she was sixteen or younger without justification, such as pre-marital fornication, and this would have caught the attention of Mr. Jacobus and any others who have studied the family.
      As Margaret was three months under seventeen when William?s oldest child, Joseph is born March 1681 and there is a span of four years before the next child Elizabeth is born Sept 1685, I conclude that William?s first wife was Daughter Spencer, whose first name is unknown, due to the habit of William Clark omitting his daughters? given names and that she is the mother of Joseph(3) Spencer.
      S.F. Hall Coe, MEMORANDA RELATING TO THE ANCESTORY OF SOPHIA FIDELIA HALL, (1902), p 211, the statement is made that "William(2) Spencer married Margaret Clark." The author gives no source or document for this, but as his first wife (nee Clark) probably died so very young, the author may have known he married a Clark, and not having information of her death might assume Margaret Bates was this same wife. The book was written in 1902, so Mrs. Coe may have had relatives who told her this.
      The only candidate for "dau ffenner" is Sarah, wife of Capt. John Fenner as early as Sept 1673, when their daughter Phebe was born (Saybrook, Conn, VR). She was still alive as late as 8 Oct 1711 when she and son John made over a part of the daughter?s protion of John?s sister Hannah Starkie (Saybrook Deeds 2:307). In his will dated 22 Oct 1708, Jon Fenner mentions his wife Sarah, son and daughters. SoTimothy Spencer?s wife was not Sarah Clark. Mr. Jacobus? unsupported statement means nothing and he would be the first one to admit it. Clarence Almon Torrey?s article, TAG, Vol 17, p 19, also states "the daughter ffenner mentioned by William Clarke in his will, was Sarah,wife of Capt. John Fenner."
      Sometimes the exclusion of any other hypothesis which accounts for all the evidence is sufficient to draw conclusions, and it is my opinion that this is such a case.
      We know that the only man named Wells or Welles in Haddam and of the right age to marry a daughter of William Clark was James Wells and his wife?s name was Elizabeth. Manwaring?s DIGEST of CONN. PROBATES, Vol. 1, p 592, James Wells, sen. Will dated 9 Jun 1690, Haddam, mentions wife Elizabeth, two sons, three daughters.
      24 Feb 1669/70, Daniel Hubbard and Mary Clark married (Middletown, Conn. V.R.) Mary died 24 Dec 1673, her husband and son were mentioned in her father?s will. From JOHN WINTHROP?s MEDICAL JOURNAL, Mary was age 18 or 19 in June 1668.
      In conclusion, I list the children of William(1) Clark and his wife Katheren Bunce of Hartford and then Haddam, Conn. Children probably born in Hartford:
      Sarah(2)Clark, b. say 1643/44, d. aft Oct 1711, md @ 1672, John Fenner (1631-1709).
      John(2)Clark, b. 1645, d. age 86 ? 1731, md @ 1675, Elizabeth White (1651- liv 1728)
      WilliamClark, b. 1647/8 age 22 in 1669, d. 1711, md @ 1688, Susannah Treat (1651-liv 1728)
      Elizabeth(2)Clark, b. say 1649/50, d 1712, md @ 1667, James Wells/Wellse (1643-1697/8)
      Mary(2)Clark, b. 1650/1, d. 1673, md 1669/70 Daniel Hubbard (1645-1704)
      Joseph(2)Clark, b. say 1653, d. 1723, md @ 1674, Ruth Spencer (1654-1744)
      Daughter(2)Clark, b. say 1655/6, d. bet mar. 1681 and 1684, md @1679/80, William Spencer (1656-1731)
      Thomas(2)Clark, b. say 1657, d. 1746, md @ 1686, Elizabeth Bailey (1663- ).
      Hannah(2)Clark, b. say 1660, d. aft. Jul 1703, bef May 1704, md @1687, John Bates (1666-aft Sep 1715).

      I want to thank Neil D. Thompson, PH.D., C.G. of Salt Lake City, Utah for his help in searching probates, wills and deeds in the Hartford, Haddam and Middletown, Conn. Area in 1987. His reasearch was of great help in putting together this material.
      From Jane Devlin:
      Records of The Particular Court of Connecticut 1639-1663, Hartford, 1928.

      p 7: January 2nd 1639. Wm Clarke servant to Jno Crow as fined 40s for misdemeanor in drinking & corporall punishment was remitted uppon his promise of his care for the future to avoyd such occations.

      p 23: September 4th 1643. In the ac of Math Allen pl agt Nich: & Will Clarke defts the jury finds for the pl damages 3L 3s 3d & Costs of Court vijs.

      p 66: 16 May 1649. William Clark being called to this Corute to appeare uppon his recognescance of 10L and not answering thereunto hath forfeited same.

      p. 115: 16 Mar 1652/53. Will Clarke plt: Contra John Griffin defendt in an actyon of debt with the Damage to the value of 6L .. p 116: ye defendt not appearing an Attachment is to Issue out against his person to answer his ------- at the next Courte and also to answer ye plt if he not be satisified by him before said courte.

      p 204 Octobr 6 1659. The Magestrates being mett and examining the case respecting Willm Clarks wiues trading Liquors to ye Indians Doe determine yt for yt misdeamenou in breaking the ord phibiting the same William Clarke is to pay Tenne pounds to ye publique Treasury.

      From Albert C. Bates, Hartford, Connecticut, Land Records,1639-1688; Births, Marriages and Deaths: 1644-1730. Vol 1, p 519: 10 Nov 1660 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT "Land In Hartford upon Conecticutt belonging to William Clark & his heires for euer: One Parcel of land wch he Bought of Enf: Nicho: Olmfteed wth a mefsaug or tenement Standing there on together wth a Barn & orchard, ye afoarsayd Parcel of land Containeth by estimation three Acres (be it more or lefs) & abutteth on a high way leading from ye Cowe pafture into the old ox pafture, on ey weft, on mr Allyns land on ye eaft on a highway leading from ye mill into ye Country on ye Sowth, on John morices Land on ye North: Nou: 10th: 1660: [margin note: December 23 - 73 This parcel of Land Sold Nath Standly.]"

      p 219/220: 6 December 1660. Robt Reeve plt contra Wm Clark Dt in an action of ye case respecting ye possession of Houseing & Land formerly belonging to John Skinner. Jury find for the Dft. Court Costs.

      Albert C. Bates, Hartford, Connecticut, Land Records,1639-1688; Births, Marriages and Deaths: 1644-1730. Vol 1, p 629: 7 Jul 1665 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT - Richard Lord purchased, for resale in New York, "one Sorill mare bald face three white legs & a whole cutt through & a halfe penny cutt out of the Back side of the off eare towards the top bought of Wm Clarke"

      Albert C. Bates, Hartford, Connecticut, Land Records,1639-1688; Births, Marriages and Deaths: 1644-1730. Vol 1, p 460: 23 Dec 1673 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT - In the lands registered to Thomas Standly in the Hartford Land Records: "more one parcel of land which Nathaniel Standly purchafsed of Wm Clarke wth a mefsuage or tenement Standing there on together wth an orchard therein being the land is all that parcell with in these abutments viz on the high way on the Sowth & on the west & on mr Allyns land on the east & John Morrice his land on the North: purchafsed Decembr 23d, 1673. [margin note: Decembr 24th 1673 this parcel Sold unto John Skiner]
      From Tracy Thomaselli:
      William R. Cutter "Genealogical History of CT" William Clark, immigrant ancestor, was one of the first settlers of Haddam, CT. In Field's "Statistical Account of the County of Middlesex in CT" It is stated that the first settlement there was made in 1662, by twenty-eight men, who bought their land of the Indians for thirty coats. At the beginning of the first book of Haddam records, William Clark's name is third in the list of those to whom land is distributed. Source: State Historical Society of WI F93,C99,V3,p 1297-1298.

      Marriage 1 Katherine BUNCE b: ABT 1610 in Massachusetts Bay Colony
      Married: ABT 1644 in Hartford/Hadam Settlement 7 5
      Married: ABT 1639 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut 8
      Married: 16 OCT 1650 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut 9 10
      Sarah Clark b: BET 1643 AND 1644 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      John Clark b: 1645 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      William Clark b: BET 1647 AND 1648 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Elizabeth Clark b: BET 1649 AND 1650 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Mary Clark b: BET 1650 AND 1651 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Joseph CLARK b: ABT 1653 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Rebecca Clark b: BET 1655 AND 1666 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Thomas Clark b: ABT 1657 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony
      Hannah Clark b: ABT 1660 in Hartford Settlement, Connecticut Colony

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    Family Katherine Bunce,   b. Abt 1610, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 03 Aug 1683, Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 73 years) 
    Married Abt 1642  Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. Joseph Clark,   b. Abt 1653, Hartford, Hartford Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 24 Oct 1716, Haddam, Middlesex Co, Connecticut Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years)
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